Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Swimsuit Summary!



Lately you may be aware that I am in the process of losing weight and trying to lead a fitter and healthier lifestyle. I enjoy the gym but recently I have found it a bit too strenuous on my joints (starting to sound old now!). Even though I am a large lady I still want to exercise and build my fitness levels.

When I was younger (lets say 6 years old) me, my mam and grandparents booked my first holiday abroad, we were going to Malta! I was soo excited to be going on a plane and it was one big adventure for me. My mam on the other hand wanted me to fully enjoy the experience and she was concerned that I could not swim.

She enrolled my onto swimming lessons at my local pool and every Saturday we'd head along to the pool and I loved it! Ever since I have loved being in the water or beside the sea (my star sign is Pisces so I think that has something to do with it.).

When I was young it was a case of taking your bather and towel to the pool to have fun, as I got older I still loved the pool but became very conscious that my body shape and size was different to others so an activity that was once fun became more unpleasant for me as my insecurities grew about my body.

I worked out that if I could make it from the changing rooms to the pool then the rest was fine. Swimming is a great activity and can be good especially for those of us that carry a bit more weight as swimming is not weight baring on your joints.

Recently I discovered a quiet private pool in my area and is mainly used by adults or classes. I love Aquafit, its soo much fun and it does not matter what size you are and you can go at your own pace if you need to. So when I seen that there was a class on 3 times a week I decided to try it out, I love it! Nobody looks at you, there all there for there own personal reasons and if anything they admire you for giving it a go.

My shape is more of a pear shape so I find buying swimwear quite difficult as I need the bottom to be bigger than the top. I thought I would share some of my thoughts on a few that I have. All swimsuits were purchased through Simply Be as they had a larger selection to choose from.

1) If you are looking for a basic swimsuit with minimum support then this one will do the trick, It is a basic high leg design and if you are looking for a swimsuit for a casual swim this would do fine however support is minimal

2) I love this swimsuit! I like that it is black but still has a bit of colour to add more interest and also the design flatters your figure as the colour sits on your ribs which does give you a bit more shape. This swimsuit has a tummy control panel which helps to suck you in but is not too restrictive. There is a built in bra shelf also so gives a bit of support too. I use this suit for aquafit and it is great but I would have preferred the body to be a bit longer just so I had full confidence whilst bouncing around in the pool (obviously that is a technical term!).

3) If your wanting full confidence in a swimsuit that offers support then this would be the one I would chose. It also has tummy control and I find this to be more supportive than number 3, The bust support is also great and you can 100% be sure that your safe in the knowledge that your secure. The only thing I did not like about this was the colour, but that is personal preference, I like to blend in and this screams look at me! I have had compliments of how nice this swimsuit is its just preference.

4) I thought all my swimsuit needs were fulfilled when I saw this one, it is a swimdress, the skirt is long and skims the hips, it is not clingy in the slightest, perfect! However the bust area is where it all goes wrong, you have to tie the top as it is a halter neck style. I became afraid that the top was going to come undone and then when it was tightly tied it was too restrictive. The cups do have slight padding but are designed to enhance your cleavage needless to say tis did not leave much to the imagination which has meant I am unable to wear this for swimming, It would be great for the beach or sitting around the pool.

I still have not found my perfect swimsuit but I am always on the look out. Do you recommend anywhere for plus size swimsuits?

Thank you for reading

Tracy xx


  1. Right o
    One if my favourite discussions haha!
    Recently went on holiday and needed swimsuits
    Try these out


    Will DM you on twitter some pics xxx

  2. Its soo hard to find the 'perfect' one lol. Yh that would be great thank you :D XX