Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Fresh as Pure Soap!


I absolutely love the fragrances made by Philosophy. My favourite is Baby Grace, then my second Pure Grace. Baby grace is a soft comforting smell and designed to make you feel nurtured and comforted. I love it, I always get compliments whilst wearing it and its not heady or strong yet its not too light that you cant smell it.

Pure grace is a clean fresh fragrance, the best way to describe it is the same or similar smell as drying your washing outside, or getting into clean sheets. Very crisp but subtle and not over powering.

I have always been conscious of smelling fresh and clean, I normally carry two perfumes, a deodorant and body spray on me at most times (excessive I know!). I hate that feeling when your out and about and you can smell that someone is not so fresh and I feel that being a bigger lady people like to assume that its you that smells. So I like to feel fresh and 100% confident that I smell good.

I find that a lot of larger branded perfume's tend to be quite heady or overpowering or even synthetic which is even worse, so I have always stuck to Baby Grace, however it is now discontinued. Me being me I have two 'back up' bottles for when I run out.

So with that ramble out the way, I have been looking for a everyday fragrance that suits me. I have struggled to find one on the high street and last week I found The Library of Fragrance (@LibraryofFragUK on Twitter). What drew me to them was the fact that there header picture was a picture of 3 fragrances, Dirt, Grass and Tomato! Not your typical fragrances so this intrigued me and I decided to look at there website.

They have a huge range of fragrances and a lot are not your traditional ones, for example Gin & Tonic, Fireplace, Four leaf clover, the list goes

I was happy just looking around there website when I found 'Baby Powder'. I find ordering fragrance online quite daunting as you cant smell it (obviously) and I always like to see how a fragrance suits me throughout the day before purchasing.

Something drew me to Baby powder, it was described as being calming and bring backs comforting memories of being a child. I decided to order it as that's the only way I would find out if I liked it and it cost £15 for 30mls which was not too bad (Baby Grace retails for £34 aprox).

Whilst I was on the site I spotted 'pure soap'. Being someone who wants a subtle but fresh smell I was naturally drawn to this fragrance also so I ordered that too.

The delivery was Royal Mail 2nd Class which meant I ordered late Saturday evening and received the fragrance Wednesday. The bottles were packed very well and made the process a bit more exciting as you had to search for your bottles amongst the little foam pieces. This was ideal as they are glass bottles so this ensured that the product was delivered safely and without and breakage.

The first fragrance I tried was of course Baby powder, and I was not disappointed. The smell is almost identical to Johnsons Baby powder. Very clean and comforting. It sits on the skin well and is very subtle, I could imagine people saying 'you smell nice' opposed to 'what perfume you wearing?'. This is defiantly going to be a handbag fragrance for me, you can top it up throughout the day but you don't change the smell i.e. it does not get too strong.

If you like the smell of powder or you use powder purely for the smell then this is defiantly worth a try.

Pure soap, where do I begin! I would say its a little more fragrant than Baby powder but still a clean fresh fragrance. The best way to describe it is imagine going to a posh hotel or store and using there hand soap, the feeling of being clean keep smelling your hands because you love the smell (hope that's not just me!). It actually smells like white pure soap, imagine a thick creamy bar of soap that has a rich creamy lather, that's what 'pure soap' smells like.

I am really pleased I bought these fragrances and I hope in time I am brave enough to try some of their more unconventional fragrances. Why not give them a visit at see what fragrance you would choose I would love to hear what you think or if you have any recommendations.

Just been informed that there fragrances are also available at boots too! (really helpful as you can actually smell them before you buy!)

Thanks for reading

Tracy xx


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