Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Simply Be Haul!


So what do you do when your worried and your dogs having an operation? Well after I took Lulu to the vets and had an emotional goodbye my only option was to go home and wait. I don't know about you but if I am in the house on my own and something is on my mind the only thing I do is panic and think about the worst scenario that could happen.

With that being said I thought I might as well use this as an opportunity to have a look around my local shopping centre. So sitting in the car park waiting for the shops to open feeling anxious and nervous but I decided I was going to be brave.

The first shop I went to was Lush, I love this store! I was hoping that there Halloween products might have been in store but unfortunately they weren't so I decided to head to Simply Be.

I find that you either go shopping and find nothing you like or you go and end up buying the shop! Ok so maybes I didn't buy the shop but I had a pretty good go so I thought I would share with you some pieces I picked up.

Firstly with Lulu on my mind I saw this t-shirt and knew I was going to buy it. It is a nice white t-shirt with an adorable black and white image of a pug wearing a red bow tie! Where I work I have to wear smart/office wear so on weekends I generally wear t-shirts whilst I'm at the beach, going on walks etc so I thought that this would be perfect for then.


I love dresses, I normally wear them with leggings or over the top of skinny jeans. I saw this dress and thought it would be perfect for work or even dressed up. It is navy with a white and burgundy pattern. It synchs in the waist and skims your hips, I love it! It also has mock lapels on the shoulders which have small gold buttons which in my opinion instantly makes it a more interesting piece.


I love patterns (as you might be able to tell!) and when I saw this dress I liked the mix of different textures and print. The top half is a stretchy fabric and the skirt is made of chiffon with a navy underlay. The top has a lovely dark pattern and reminded me of autumn, the pattern is lovely burgundy/berry flowers with a forest green leaf. Very pretty! I also think this would be very versatile and could be worn dressy or casual.


My last dress I am in love! the style, the pattern, the colours are me to a tee! It is a gorgeous skater style dress with sleeves. The pattern is so feminine yet suitable for autumn/winter. I will most likely be wearing this with a black waist belt and a statement necklace. It was £50 which I think is very expensive but the material and cut justifies the price tag.


Lastly I saw this onesie, I love onesies for lazy winter days. However all my onesies are very thick and fluffy (which is great when its freezing) and I tend to get too warm in them. So when I saw this I thought it would be ideal for me, it is short sleeved so I wont get too hot and the material is kinda like jogger material so very comfy. I love that it has a hood so I can get all snuggled up! You guessed it, its patterned! Lovely Scottie dogs wearing different patterned bow ties, what's not to love!



Hope this has gave you a look at what's out in store, and just to let you know Lulu is fine, the operation went well, she was sleepy yesterday but back to her usual self today, which makes me  very happy!

Thanks for reading

Tracy xx



  1. I love everything. Everything looks so cute. :D


  2. I know, it can be expensive lol. The onesie is in the sale now for £15, was £24 so I took it back in exchange for 2 more for an extra £6. Cant wait to wear everything. Thank you for reading and commenting I really appreciate it xx