Monday, 8 September 2014

Welcome to my new blog!

Ok so over the last few years I have really been interested in blogging, and I have finally took the plunge!

My name is Tracy, I am 27 from the UK and I have a passion for all things girly and I would like to think Im your typical girly girl except for one size. So Im big which is fine but Im unhappy with my size, I have always had an issue with my weight but I have always been a very happy bubbly person, until now.

Its my time to make a change, I have tried every diet going and they all work.........if you stick to them, which unfortunately is my downfall. However I don't know why but September always makes me think of a fresh start, a new beginning, so........I decided to take the plunge and join slimming world on Sat 30th Aug. I had looked at the Slimming World website and found that there was a class at 8.30 and I knew if I did not go now I never would.

So Sat morning I made my way to the class where I was greeted by friendly faces and my new consultant Emily, she completely put me at ease and talked through the new members meeting with me and the other newbies, she was friendly and talked through the plan (I have been a SW member many times but gave up, this is my last attempt),

We then all stayed to group where members talked about there week and shared recipes etc I walked away feeling determined!

So Sat came around and I attended group, in my first week I lost 9lb!!!! I was over the moon, I know this time is my time and I will do it.

Monday 8th September and Im sitting here struggling, letting those demons in my head get to me so I decided to create a blog, my online diary showing my journey, this may include recipes, coping tactics, fashion hauls, beauty hauls or just turn out to be a lifestyle blog.

Id love it if any of you are in the process of weight loss and how your getting on, having a support system is such a huge part and id love to be a part of your journey too.



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