Wednesday, 24 September 2014

A Typical Day!


I'm following the Slimming World food plan and I don't know what it is but I am still struggling. The plan is great, the food you can have is great but for some reason I cant get into it fully with my current mind set. That is going to be the hardest thing for me to overcome. Sometimes being big you find that there are certain people who look at you and tell you its simple to lose weight, you just eat less and move more. I completely agree that that is the science behind weight loss but if it is that simple why do people struggle so much to lose weight?

For me its all in the mind, I have an unhealthy relationship with food and categorise food in my head as good food and bad food. Which again is fine but if I was following a plan that allowed a treat I would still think I had fallen off plan and then start to feel guilty and then say the famous words 'I'll start again tomorrow'.

In my heart I want to lose weight, I want to be healthy and most of all I want to be happier yet for some reason I am stopping myself. I'll have good intentions of doing well and then I'll think 'oo I'll have a cheat night'. Then feel guilty about it and then the circle begins again.

So at the moment I am fighting between my head and my heart but I am still pushing forward. There are no quick fixes (I have learnt that the hard way). And losing weight requires a lifestyle change rather than a 'diet'.

Anyone who loves food and wants to lose weight I would recommend Slimming World because there are no foods of limits, its just about cooking differently and treating the 'bad' foods as a treat and to have them in a controlled way. What I mean when I say that is instead of eating a bag of sweets and feeling like you have gone off the plan, allow yourself a handful or a couple and 'syn' them. Syns are just a way of allowing foods that have less nutritional value to still be enjoyed but not over indulged.

I thought I would share what a typical day of my eating plan is when I am following the plan.

For breakfast I enjoy 2 Weetabix with 200mls of Koko dairy free milk, I then top this with a banana sliced up and red and green grapes. I find adding fruit bulks out the meal and keeps me fuller for longer.

For lunch I am normally at work and don't tend to have a lunch break but if I do its normally 10-15 minutes so I like something quick. I prepare fruit and on this occasion I had grapes. strawberry's, kiwi and banana.

For dinner it depends on the time and also how long I have to prepare my meal. On this occasion I had a chicken breast seasoned with Cajun spice. Along side of that I had sweet potato wedges cooked using Fry Light (a one calorie spray, alternative to oil) and a salad made using lettuce, cucumber, peppers and red onion.

For a snack after my dinner I generally enjoy a Muller light yogurt.

This was one of my more healthy days, don't think that if you follow Slimming World that you just eat fruit and veg, you can do but there are so many alternatives which I am hoping to share in the future.

One of my most unhealthy habits is that I am addicted to Pepsi Max, on this plan you are allowed Diet drinks but I know that this is a habit that I am keen to get away from.

Hoping to balance my head and my heart in the future!

If you are wanting more information check out Slimming Worlds website, there are recipes and stories that might help you decide if this plan could work for you.

(I am in no way being paid or sponsored by Slimming World, I just genuinely trust in this plan, especially if you are someone with a larger amount of weight to lose).

Thanks for reading

Tracy xx


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